5 Things You Can Use A Mini Projector For

Are you planning to buy a mini projector and wondering what the things you can use it for are? Beside the reasons of making your purchase, is there any other ways of using Pico projector. Ways to really enjoy your pocket projector Knowing what you can use micro projector for will go a long way […]

Kids Projectors & The Eyeclops

Have you taken the kids to the movies lately? If so, you’ll know how expensive it is just for tickets for a few kids and an adult chaperone. And they always want popcorn too. Well an alternative is to build your own “home cinema” by using a kids projector. While a lot of mini projectors, […]

Using A Mini Projector For Advertising

Mini projectors have grown to be widely used nowadays. But finding the best mini projector can be quite difficult unless you narrow down your search. There are various uses and benefits of using mini projectors. These could be smaller in size however they still provide great audio and display quality. With these projectors there is […]